10 anys construint benestar 2006 - 2016 EDAI Training 2019-2020

A history of principles, conscience and responsibility. This is EDAI. We support projects providing quality of life to children and families, especially to those that need it most.


To promote mental health and the wellbeing of children and their families it is essential to take care of the first stages of life. At EDAI Development we are working on Early Years Services through prevention and specialized assistance, with the aim of helping the best possible way our young patients and their families, avoiding that difficulties turn into a problem.

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At EDAI Clinic we assist and support the older children, adolescents and families. This service offers a continuous treatment from their early years, offering orientation, diagnosis and support in psychological, paediatric, speech and development areas when difficulties and discomfort appears.

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Clinical work develops thanks to training and research. At EDAI we offer continuous specialised and innovative training for professionals working on development and families. We organise courses and conferences that encourage new learning and knowledge exchange.
At the same time, EDAI supports the development of new research projects, which enable progress and improvement in clinical practice through the increase of scientific evidence.

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